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This book was written to highlight & preserve the training techniques of Eagle Claw Kung Fu. Originally developed in ancient times for military combat, Eagle Claw is still taught today for effective self-defense. Sifu Lee shares the core training elements, applications, and principles needed to achieve Eagle Claw's advanced striking skills and tactics known as: Jow Da & Da Mak targets.

Special Edition: added 27 pages YJP timeline pictures.

Special Edition - Eagle Claw Kung Fu - Tactics and Applications for Self-Defense

  • In addition to Sifu Lee's book, he is offering hands-on seminars to physically teach some of the written material and skills.  These 3-4 hour master classes are open to martial artists of all styles. 

    A seminar can be hosted by any martial arts instructor, regardless of style, or whether they own a school.  All they need is a suitable venue and people who are interested in learning some Eagle Claw Kung Fu.

    Contact:  Sifu Benson Lee, (818) 742-7897 or

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