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Our new San Gabriel studio physical location is now ready for 2023 classes...

Re-Opening Discounts and New Student Promotions...

New Students can enroll for classes during these days and times:

Sign Up on Mon thru Fri at 4:30 to 8:30 PM or Sat at 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM 

Interested new students please contact for appointment time.

Select Below to Enroll, Hold Your Spot Online - Finish Registration and Payment In-Person

New Student Discounts, Registration Fee Waived, Free Uniform Shirt, No Contracts!


Note:  All students must bring clean workout shoes to change into for class or can go barefoot...

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Select Your Course or Class
  • Workshop for ALL Martial Artists and Styles - See Next Monthly Date Av...
    Starts Oct 21
    45.95 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Men & Women / Self-Defense Fundamental Skills / Novice Kung Fu Skills ...
    Starts Oct 2
    158 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Juniors (age 8-11) / Eagle Claw Kung Fu Training
    Starts Oct 2
    138 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Teens (age 12-15) / Eagle Claw Kung Fu Training
    Starts Oct 2
    138 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Wu Tai Chi Chuan - Beginner Class / Foundation Building
    Starts Oct 3
    148 US dollars

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  • Restaurant Food & Beverage, Hotel, Healthcare Workers - Eagle Claw Kun...
    Started Sep 5
    119 US dollars
  • Beginner & Intermediate Eagle Claw Kung Fu Training and Self-Defense C...
    Started Sep 2
    148 US dollars

Summer Scholarship Program

We are providing (5) Students ages (8-15 yrs) - Juniors or Teens, with a Summer Scholarship for three months June, July, and August. 

NO COST to you whatsoever...

2 classes per week Mon thru Fri at 4:30 PM. 

The application process is to write and answer the following questions: 

1) Tell us a little about yourself and your favorite activities.

2) How are you doing in school?  What is your favorite subject?

3) How do you help your parents at home?  Any chores?  

4) Why do you want to learn Kung Fu?

Keep your answers to a few sentences for each question and all on 1-page. 

Write or print clearly.  Remember to include your name and contact number.

Drop off your response letter in our studio mailbox or postage mail.   

Or scan and email to:

We will contact you for a short greet and meet interview with Sifu Lee.

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