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Classes and Courses To Start With...

Our martial arts studio offers specific learning programs and classes designed uniquely for Juniors & Teens (8-15 yrs) and for busy Adults and Professionals.  No experience is necessary just the desire to learn and the commitment to practice where focused effort = positive results.  Interested new students with experience in other styles of martial arts seeking a change, can register and enroll in the Intermediate Classes if your basic technique skills are intact.  Progressive ranking programs are mandatory for juniors & teens while optional for adults and busy professionals.  We customize our adult classes to maximize practical and effective skills for both men and women as there are physical differences with all people. 

Tuition is $148 to $158 range monthly with special discounts available. 

No contracts, details below.  A great value with results driven expert instruction by Master Benson Lee.    

We are committed to the success of all of our members and want all new members to join with the knowledge that we teach for results and effective skills.  You will find we have high standards in our learning programs and that we lead with martial ethics and integrity.

 *** (2) Weeks Trial Lessons for $45.95 available - Special Request Only ***


Please contact us (818) 742-7897 or email: with any questions you may have about which program below best fits your needs...  Easy to start, no contracts, new student discounts... 

Self-Defense Course

Self-Defense Fundamental Skills and Awareness Course

Adult men and women with little to no experience are required to enroll in this 2-month course to establish a good foundation and understanding of martial arts, kung fu, and self-defense.  We will cover the dynamics of a physical confrontation and what you need to know regarding self-defense skills and awareness.  Learning the importance of footwork, blocking, and evading when attacked.  Training in the different novice kung fu hand strikes, blocks, and kicking skills that are essential tools for fighting and self-defense.  What are the differences between physical fighting and

self-defense.  Learn the importance of street smarts, awareness, and having quick reaction skills.  What are your physical space boundaries and verbal boundaries.  What role does fear and strength play in your ability to defend yourself.  What are the best head targets and body targets to strike and kick.  Avoid getting grabbed, trapped, or pushed to the ground as escaping is never easy.  Learn how almost any object can be used as a weapon for self-defense.  We'll cover using pepper spray for self-defense as an option.  Your martial art and Eagle Claw Kung Fu skills and training are with you wherever you go all the time.  Being observant in public, alert to your surroundings, and being aware is something that needs to be learned by everyone of all ages.

  Schedule:  Mon 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm     Tues / Wed / Thurs:  6:00 pm to 7:15 pm

Flexible choose 2-3 classes per week 

This is a 2-month course at $158 per month or pre-pay course in full at $286 and receive a <$30.00> discount.  You receive 2-3 classes per week, select your schedule which includes a 3rd class for application drills, review and training.  Note: an actual "Pepper Spray" device for self-defense is included when that topic is covered.  

Our Self-Defense Fundamental Skills and Awareness Course is ideal for all High School students (16+), especially Juniors or Seniors preparing to leave home and go away for college or university studies in a major urban city.  Every person needs to learn self-defense and awareness in today's increasing violent society.  You cannot live behind security gates and walls all the time.  Life requires meeting people, going to work, going to school, attending events, shopping, buying gas for your car, going to the park, dating, and social activities out in the public.  Anything can happen any time today.  An ounce of prevention or preparedness can make the difference.  Being alert, observant and aware with quick natural reaction skills are essential to avoid being a victim.

Upon the completion of this prerequisite course, you will be fully cognizant of what the expectations are for effective self-defense skills and can decide if you wish to continue with ongoing Kung Fu training. 

Adult Beginners KF

Beginner and Intermediate Kung Fu Classes 

After completing the above Self-Defense Fundamentals and Kung Fu Novice prerequisite course, the next step is to continue and enroll in the Beginner & Intermediate Kung Fu Classes.  This starts your consistent training to develop and improve your skill set to be quick, effective, and natural.  During this level you will enhance your coordination, balance, speed, power, and focus to apply your various techniques.  More emphasis will be placed on footwork, agility, blocking, striking, and kicking drills for improved conditioning, fitness, and accuracy of strikes and techniques.  You will learn your first kung fu form routine called Kung Lek Kuen - Power Fist Form to train your basic techniques, footwork, coordination, focus, speed, and power used during self-defense applications.  You will be introduced to a variety of Eagle Claw Kung Fu grabbing techniques along with partner drills to practice applications.  Discover how Eagle Claw Kung Fu is used to control a situation and create an advantage to strike back an attacker.

  Schedule:  Mon 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm

                      Wed 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm  

  Sat 11:00 am to 12:30 pm - Drills & Applications, Sparring  

Our Beginner or Intermediate Kung Fu Class is $148 per month or elect the 2-month payment of $266 and get a <$30.00> discount.  You receive 2 classes per week based on the available schedule.  Missed classes can be made up within the same month only.


Interested new students with other martial arts experience, seeking a change, who have good fundamental skills intact can elect to enroll in the Intermediate or Beginner Class.  There is protocol that needs to be discussed and approved by Sifu Benson Lee directly.  The Intermediate Class will consist of all technique applications including Eagle Claw grabs, locks, sweeps, and takedowns.  And the unique striking skills and targets of Eagle Claw Kung Fu called "Jow Da" in Chinese.  Sparring and fighting skills are introduced at this level.  Safety equipment purchase will be mandatory. 

Wu Tai Chi Program

Wu Tai Chi Chuan Beginner Class

We teach the traditional version of Wu Tai Chi Chuan from the southern regions of Hong Kong, Guangzhao, and Malaysia. The unique slow movement meditation and deep breathing exercises of Tai Chi have been shown to help improve balance, focus, health, overall well-being, and calmness.  Build a sense of inner peace through flowing movements, breathing naturally, Yin and Yang balance, and developing a physical & mental concentration through a stronger mind/body/spirit connection.  The intended martial application of the movements are discussed to develop a stronger connection and a deeper understanding of function within the classical Wu Style Tai Chi form.  In this Beginner Class, learn the Tai Chi warm up and Chi Gong exercises and the novice short form - before the long form 108 movements & postures.

  Evening class:  Tue & Thur at 7:15 to 8:30 pm  

  Morning class:  Tue & Thur 9:00 to 10:00 am  

  Sat morning:  10:00 am to 11:00 am  

Our Beginner Wu Tai Chi Class is $148 a month or elect the 2-month payment of $266 and get a <$30.00> discount.  Class size is limited and maybe subject to wait list.  You receive 2-3 classes per week based on the available schedule Tue/Thurs/Sat.  Missed classes can be made up within the same month only.

This is a prerequisite to learn the full long 108-movement Wu Tai Chi form also known as the "Gah Gee" slow square form to build your foundation.  Discover the meaning of "flow like water" and "move like the clouds" associated with Tai Chi movement.  Instruction is step by step while learning gradually without rush facilitates the benefits in your practice.

Junior and Teen Kung Fu Classes 

Juniors (ages 8-11) and Teens (ages 12-15) Eagle Claw Kung Fu Class is designed to build the self-confidence of the student and the importance of respect towards other students, teachers, and parents.  This is achieved through developing and reinforcing strong ethics to include discipline and working towards a goal.  Kung fu training entails constant coordination of diverse movements, punches, strikes, kicks, jumping drills, footwork and physical exercises.  Students will be challenged both physically and mentally to focus and improve their multi-tasking, coordination and fitness.  Our classes are structured activities that are interesting, fun, and practical for self-defense.  Students will engage in partner drills and exercises where cooperation, staying alert and teamwork is highlighted.  Each student gains individual skills that they own and earned which builds self-esteem and confidence.  Being goal oriented and having perseverance will help shape their lives in a positive and beneficial way for their future.  Achievements in life are attained through working hard, discipline and consistency.  

  Schedule:  Juniors (ages 8-11)  Mon & Wed at 4:30 to 5:20 pm  

  Teens (ages 12-15)  Tue & Thur at 4:30 to 5:20 pm  

*** New Student Discount $30.00 discount on both 1st & 2nd Month Pre-Paid...!!! ***


  Jr's & Teens Drills & Applications:  Sat at 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm  

Our Junior & Teen Kung Fu Class is $138 per month or elect the 2-month payment of $246 and get a <$30.00> discount.  You receive 2 classes per week based on the available schedule.  You can enroll for a 3rd class at $148 per month.  Missed classes can be made up within the same month only.

Martial Arts and Kung Fu skills training has individual benefits unlike competitive team sports where mostly "star" players and winners get to shine.  Some team members spend lots of days and time practicing and rarely get to play thus feeling sad and left out.  You will "miss all the shots" you don't take!  In the real world, being actively involved, engaged, and being part of the solution instead of part of the problem gets you ahead.  Get up off the team bench, stop waiting to get into the game, and get into the action of The Tao (way or path) of Kung Fu every day... 

Jrs and Teen
F&B Workers

Kung Fu and Self-Defense Classes for Restaurant Food & Beverage Workers

(including Hotel, Hospitality, and Healthcare Workers)

Many Asian Restaurant Food & Beverage Workers work "split shifts" and have afternoon downtime that is spent napping or is non-productive.  Many are also concerned with the increased number of Asian Hate Crimes and feel the need to do something.  Working for tips means there are days you are carrying a large amount of cash and maybe targeted.


Sifu Benson Lee understands your situation very well and has many years of experience managing and working in hotels and restaurants.  His father was also a restaurant cook, waiter, and later a small restaurant owner in New York City.  This Eagle Claw Kung Fu class will fill your afternoon void and you will learn practical skills needed for self-defense and awareness.  Train and develop the different hand strikes, blocking, footwork, and kicking techniques needed for fighting and self-defense.  We'll cover using pepper spray for self-defense as an option.  Note: an actual "Pepper Spray" device for self-defense is included when that topic is covered.  This class is open to all Restaurant F&B Workers, Hotel, Healthcare, and other workers with evening or late night work schedules.

  Schedule:  Tue / Wed / Thur at 2:30 to 4:00 pm  

  Flexible to change your days...  

Now you can learn Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Self-Defense skills in an afternoon class from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm on Tue/Wed/Thur.  A special discount rate is offered at $119 per month for 2 classes per week or elect the 3-month payment of $337 and get a $20.00 additional discount.  You can enroll for 3 classes at $129 per month.

Sifu Lee does speak and understand some Cantonese and will help you learn even with limited English if necessary...

CALL or TEXT to Register & Start:  (818) 742-7897  or  email:

All students must bring Clean Workout Shoes to change into for class or can be barefoot if need be.

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