Our martial arts studio offers specific learning programs designed uniquely for Juniors & Teens and for busy Adults and Professionals.  No experience is necessary just the desire to learn and the committment to practice.  New students with experience in other styles of martial arts can register and enroll in the Intermediate Classes if your basic technique skills are intact.  Ranking programs are mandatory for juniors & teens while optional for adults and professionals.  We customize our adults program to maximize effective skills.  Quarterly achievement tests are required for all students to determine proficencies and skills.  

We are committed to the success of all of our members and want all new members to join with the knowledge that we teach for results and effective skills.  We always teach and lead with martial ethics and integrity.

If there's anything you have questions about and its not listed here, ask us! If you want to read more about what Eagle Claw Kung Fu & What Wu Tai Chi IS first, click HERE

Self-Defense Fundamental Skills and Awareness

 Are you curious about what kung fu and tai chi are? We have intro programs for new students to introduce you to several components of Eagle Claw Kung Fu or Wu Tai Chi. Just like the drop-in option, we'll apply this payment to your first program if you decide to further your training in our Beginner Kung Fu, Wu Tai Chi or Advanced Black Sash Programs.


Our Beginner Kung Fu Program As you can see, you can join this program through several different paths: you can enter through drop-ins or through our intro special, you can try a free class first or, after visiting us you can just jump right in. Our beginner Kung Fu Program is $139 a month and in this program you can attend any 3 classes per week between Kung Fu and Tai Chi that are not reserved exclusively for the Advanced Black Sash or Tai Chi Programs. Through this program you will learn the basics and get a strong foundation in Eagle Claw Kung Fu. You will develop strength, agility, mobility, increased awareness and self defense skills. We offer easy to enroll in auto-pay options for the 6 or 12 month plans and great discounts on pre-paid membership.


The Tai Chi Program We teach the Traditional Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan. The Slow Movement Meditation and breathing exercises of Tai Chi have been shown to help improve balance, health, overall well-being and 'centeredness'. Just like the Kung Fu Program, you are welcome to schedule a free trial class, enroll in the 1 month intro special on the website or simply enroll as a student. In this program you can attend all Tai Chi classes throughout the week and also any kung fu class that is not specifically reserved for the Advanced Black Sash Program. Like the Beginning Kung Fu Program, the Tai Chi Program is $139 a month for either 6 or 12 months with discounts on pre-paid membership.


Our Advanced Black Sash Program This Program is designed for students who want to have a wide open availability of classes to choose from, want to push their training to the next level and want go beyond the beginning levels of Kung Fu. In this Program you can attend any class you want in our schedule, 6 days a week. The Advanced Black Sash Program is designed to take you through the curriculum from the Beginner to the Advanced level of Kung Fu; you will learn forms, weapons training, sparring and fighting techniques and develop a deeper understanding and level of ability in your kung fu training. Our Advanced Black Sash Program is $169 a month with the same 6 or 12 month options as our Beginner Kung Fu and Tai Chi Programs. 


Our Junior and Kids Kung Fu Classes Our Junior & Kids Program is designed to build the confidence and coordination of our students while reinforcing a strong ethic of discipline and hard work. Our classes balance fun with structure in a positive and constructive environment where kids are taught to use their voice, follow instructions, develop focus and always do their best. For Juniors ages 5-7 our program is $119 a month with discounts for pre-paying membership. For kids 8-12 our program is $139 a month with the same discounts available for pre-paying. Family discounts are availably and we invite every parent to schedule a free week of classes with us to make sure our school is the right fit for your child before enrolling. 


Our $20 Drop-In We offer a few drop in classes per week for those who don't have the time to commit to regular training. These classes get you in shape with conditioning and striking combinations. You can continue with drop in classes as long as you like with no pressure to join a program - but if you try a few classes and decide you want to switch to a program, we'll apply what you've paid in drop-ins to your first month's membership.

See our schedule for drop in hours and book right from the website. LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE CLASSES HERE

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