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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We teach traditional northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu & Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan with quality standards in mind and attention to details.  Everyone is learning new skills with a mutual expectation and desire to work together and excel.  Our uniquely designed learning programs are results oriented, teaching you necessary handwork & footwork to defend yourself, and will help you to develop and determine what works best for you individually.  People are the same and different in many ways, we all have strengths and abilities, and everyone can discover their natural and unique individual skill set with our expert guidance directed and led by Master Benson Lee...

What is Eagle Claw KF?
Eagle Claw Kung Fu is a martial art designed to end confrontations effectively and quickly when necessary. Through the use of agile footwork, strong defense, focused striking techniques, joint locks, sweeps and takedowns, Eagle Claw Kung Fu trains you to quickly react, defend and fight smart when unavoidable, strike with precison key targets, stay on your feet, and stay mobile to escape.

Eagle Claw Kung Fu Self-Defense, Locks and Takedowns

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Master Benson Lee's Eagle Claw Kung Fu is a lineage branch of the Lau Family Eagle Claw Fann Tzi Moon taught and passed down since the mid-1800's throughout China into Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and, later to the U.S.A. by Grandmaster Leung Shum from Great Grandmaster Ng Wai Nung.  Ng's lineage is from Lau Fat Mang and Chan Tzi Ching (c.1925).

What is Wu Tai Chi?
Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan is one of the 3 major family styles of Tai Chi, the others being Yang and Chen.  Tai Chi has martial art concepts & moving physical meditation combined and developed over generations to improve health, well-being, focus & relaxation through slow movements and deep breathing coordination.  Build a sense of inner peace through flowing movements, breathing naturally, Yin and Yang balance, and developing a physical & mental concentration through a stronger mind/body connection.  Application concepts of the movements are discussed to develop a stronger connection and a deeper understanding of intent within the classical Wu Style Tai Chi form.  Take a break from your hectic daily pace and unplug from the noise.  Reconnect with your inner self through Tai Chi and moving meditation.  Instruction is step by step while learning gradually without rush facilitates the benefits.

Traditional martial arts weapons training is one of the unique aspects of Kung Fu, interesting and fun for all students.  Weapons training help to develop grip strength, better your coordination, while learning to extend your striking power out into the weapon or any object you pick up (made famous by Jackie Chan movies).  Starting at the Intermediate Level, the main kung fu foundation weapons are taught:  Short Stick, Long Staff, Saber, Long Spear, and Straight Sword.  Personal individual lessons are available with Master Lee for other practitioners of martial arts interested in learning kung fu weapons or professional actors seeking to add these special martial skills to their resume.  

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