We offer comprehensive and engaging classes in Kung Fu & Tai Chi.


We teach Traditional Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu & Wu Tai Chi with an eye for detail and a genuine interest in your success. Whether your goals are to get in shape, learn self defense techniques or pursue a high level of skill in Kung Fu & Tai Chi, we offer classes that will help you reach your goals and truly excel.

Our schedule includes dedicated classes in Forms Practice, Self Defense Applications & Sparring, Weapons Training, Traditional Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Wu Tai Chi AND a full schedule of kids classes for all levels and ages.

On top of our regular schedule we offer private lessons to help you learn faster or cover material specific to your interests.

We understand that joining a martial arts school can be a hit and miss endeavor. Some styles of martial arts will speak to you and some won't, some teachers will connect with you and some won't. In martial arts, everyone identifies with different ways of moving, different ways of learning and different strategies of self-defense.

Thats why we offer you several ways to try our classes out before deciding to enroll - we want you to be confident in your decision to join our school and get the most out of your training. We offer a  1 MONTH INTRO SPECIAL for KUNG FU & TAI CHI as well as seasonal promotional offers throughout the year. Parents, we offer all new kids 1 week of free classes to make sure our school is the right fit for your child. Read more about our classes below or contact us to schedule your first class now. 



We offer an into special to all new members who want to try out our program.  We give you unlimited access to our class schedule for 1 month for $99. In that time you are welcome to try any class on any day - Kung Fu or Tai Chi.

Download our full schedule by clicking the icon

Monday / Wednesday 6PM: Jing Mo Forms Practice / Strength Training: The Jing Mo Forms Class introduces and provides time to perfect several Northern Chinese Kung Fu forms that were traditionally taught in the Jing Mo Association. It is open to all members however a basic knowledge of stances and techniques is helpful to pick up the combinations and sequences of techniques.

The Wednesday 6PM Strength Training Class will help you develop the strength and coordination and flexibility needed to excel in kung fu. You will get stronger and more flexible through calisthenics training, striking and bag drills and stretching routines.

Monday & Wednesday 7PM, Saturday 11AM, All Levels Eagle Claw Kung Fu: The All Levels Eagle Claw Kung Fu Class is where students work through the curriculum and the levels of the system. In this class you learn all of the fundamentals of Kung Fu: stances, striking and kicking techniques, partner exercises, forms and weapons training and more. These classes are open to all students and no experience is necessary - these classes are a great to drop in on for your first class. 

Tuesday / Thursday 6PM: Self Defense & Sparring / Form & Function: The Tuesday 6PM Self Defense & Sparring Class will help you develop your sparring and self defense skills in a systematic way that is easy to follow. You will learn how to apply Eagle Claw Kung Fu in practical situations and hone skills needed to protect yourself.

The Thursday 6PM Form & Function Class introduces techniques found in forms and then explores the applications of the movement for self defense in order to develop your understanding of how kung fu WORKS and how it is APPLIED.  

Tuesday & Thursday 7PM & Saturday 9AM Tai Chi: The Tuesday and Thursday 7PM & Saturday Morning 9AM Tai Chi class will develop your meditative focus and mind body connection through the slow movement meditation of the Wu Tai Chi Form. You will learn Qi Gung exercises that will help you maintain and develop a sense of calm and centeredness in your daily life. These classes are open to all members with no experience necessary. 

"Excellent traditional training, instructors are friendly and professional, enjoy learning Wu style Tai Chi., I highly recommend school."





All of our members can attend any class in our schedule Monday - Saturday. Membership is $169 a month for as many classes as you want to take in both Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Our program is designed to develop holistic fitness and balance in both Kung Fu and Tai Chi - our program is transformative. 6 and 12 month program options with prepay discounts are available, as are family discounts. Schedule a time to start today and experience for yourself what our members have been saying.

Download our full schedule by clicking the icon

"I've searched for an excellent and supportive Martial Arts school in Los Angeles for many years and am happy to say that I have found the style and school for me."


"The instructors.. is where the school shines.  You won't get these instructors anywhere else, and they are amazing.  They have committed their entire lives to Eagle Claw, and they know how to take the style from Art to Application with expert knowledge."



Whether it is in the traditional forms, weapons, work-out, self-defense or sparring classes, there are so many layers of material in the style of Eagle Claw, that it keeps you constantly learning and developing. The system is very deep, but is taught with great patience & detail, always with your individual abilities in mind. Sifu Benson Lee & Sihing Tav have a very exceptional way of teaching/passing on this style of Kung Fu. They are the real deal, living & breathing YJP and are committed to preserving the lineage of this particular style.




Our Kids Kung Fu Classes  are designed to build the confidence, coordination, focus, discipline, ability to follow instructions and strong work ethic kids need to succeed. Our classes balance fun with structure in a positive and constructive environment where kids are taught to use their voice, listen, develop focus and always do their best.

Our kids program is $139 a month for ages 8-12 with discounts available for pre-paying 6 and 12 month programs.


Family discounts are also available - as are referral discounts. We invite every parent to schedule a free week of classes with us to make sure our school is the right fit for your child before enrolling. 

Our child has taken different forms of kung fu at other schools in LA - and they were all lovely in their own way - but here, she has found her home. Tav is an amazing instructor: he is kind, funny, fair and firm, and he is dedicated to ensuring that his students truly learn. This is no belt factory: the kids have to work hard to earn their props, and that's wonderful.  


"My 8-year old son started taking Kung Fu... about 4 months ago and I have never seen him show such commitment and focus, He loves to practice, is making progress, and showing so much independence. This studio has a great combination of both the discipline and conditioning of martial arts but also a sweet, neighborhood feel that you want for your child. My son has his first belt and I look forward to many more".       



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