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New Book - Tactics & Applicatons

     How to Purchase Your Copy...

*** Regular Edition Softcover is

     Sold Out.  Hardcover Regular + $10.00 and Special Edition books are still available.***

Textbook Size:  8.5 X 11   /   Pages: 196

Images:  800 plus total, 425+ are color

Retail:  $39.95 + $3.80 (9.5% CA tax)

Total Price = $43.75    S&H + $8.00

Regular Edition H/C + $10.00 available

has 45 pages of Application Pics

Special Edition, (25 pgs added YJP Color Pics)

Retail:  $45.43 + $4.32 (9.5% CA tax)

Total Price =  $49.75    S&H + $8.00 Overseas Shipping is higher-TBA

Pay direct through Zelle or PayPal to:

Cash App to: $ECKF2108

Venmo to: @ECKF2108

Credit Card for outside U.S.A only

Can buy in person at the EC school...

Email your mailing address separately

and if you are requesting a "signed copy."

Note:  A "Special Edition" of this EC training book is available now September 2023, highlighting some of GM Shum's Ying Jow Pai 50th Anniversary in 2024 with many timeline pictures.  Additional 25 pages of YJP color images from New York & California if you enjoy seeing some YJP history moments... 

Buy both books, one as your reference EC book for training & regular review, and the Special Edition for your martial arts library.

Applications pics for several Eagle Claw training forms including Hung Kuen
and Lin Kuen techniques for self-defense...

Jow Da - Precision Striking Targets and
Study Charts


S.M. - Enjoying one of the best kung fu books I read in years.  Well done and thorough...


D.W. - Book is fabulous!  Re-affirming my own teachings, following the path...


D.R. - I strongly recommend!

S.T. - Got me mine.  I'm loving it...

Play video below:  Eagle Claw quick        grabs locks for self-defense...

Workshop - Open to all martial art styles

Eagle Claw - Tactics & Applications

SAT, FEB. 24th:   1:30 pm to 3:00 pm 

Open Seminar - public, all martial art styles

$45.95 per person  /  Prepay to Register

5423 Rosemead Blvd

San Gabriel-Temple City, CA 91776

Hands-on interactive workshop covering book topics.

Adults, Men & Women, 18+ yrs

Prepay with Zelle, PayPal to:

                      Cash App to:  $ECKF2108

Venmo to:  @ECKF2108

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Quotes in Book:


"The Eagle Claw Kung Fu system uses the tactic of grabs and claws to seize and control the hands and arms to gain an advantage.

"You can become a very knowledgeable, skillful, and precise technical fighter with forms practice as part of your training process."

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EC Book Seminar - Florida.jpg


"Locking techniques have a goal and intent to seize, control, stop, and take down an opponent."

"You need to defend yourself fully until the attacker is maimed, taken down, or disabled, so you can escape."

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