Eagle Claw Kung Fu & Wu Tai Chi Chuan


We teach Traditional Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu & Wu Tai Chi under the Shum Lineage to enhance the overall health, ability, strength & quality of life of our students. Through Kung Fu training you will become stronger and more agile. You will develop focus and determination. On top of these benefits you will learn to handle stress and protect yourself in self defense situations.

Our Instructors offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Fitness emphasizing the complete mental and physical development of our students...  

Whatever your age or interest, Kung Fu & Tai Chi offer something for everyone. Come see what we have to offer and get started today!

Our Instructors


Health, Fitness, Self Defense

Kung Fu & Tai Chi are full mind and body exercises that improve health and fitness, memory and focus all while developing valuable skills of self defense...

​​What is Kung Fu

& Tai Chi?